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It’s what’s inside that makes us different.

Our freestanding facility is unlike any other diagnostic imaging center around. We re-envisioned what we thought a facility like ours should be—so we not only have state-of-the-art equipment, but a design that is created around your comfort and convenience as well.

Convenience is key.

Our location was the first step. We saw a need for a center like ours in the High Point corridor of Highway 68 and Wendover Avenue. When you need care, finding a solution that is either close to your work or home is important.

No parking deck mazes or hospital to get lost in.

At Premier Imaging, you can easily park in our large lot and then walk right into our building. Easy. Quick. The way it should be.

Comfortable, private interior.

We designed our interior with as much thought given to the equipment space needed as to your comfort needs. Soothing colors, plush seating,  a coffee bar, WiFi, private women’s-only area and soft gowns.

Even our equipment offers more comfort, with lower exam tables that offer easier access for patients with limited mobility. And X-ray components that are wireless and removable/movable according to your mobility or circumstance.

Main check-in desk.

We located our check-in area right as you enter, so you are immediately greeted and helped. All paperwork and payment are handled at check in, so that you don’t need to deal with anything after your appointment is over.

Unsurpassed technology and equipment was a given for us.

Premier Imaging has invested in a comprehensive array of cutting-edge diagnostic imaging equipment, from digital X-ray and MRI units to a 40-slice CT, and the latest digital mammography platform. We are committed to bringing proven technology to you.

And when it comes to imaging children, it requires a gentle touch.

We strictly adhere to the image gentlySM program. This program is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging and recommends a protocol that helps keep radiation doses to a safe minimum.

(Information on how to prepare for specific tests can be found on our downloadable patient forms.)