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Referring Physicians

Everything we do at Premier Imaging is designed to care for your patients. And be convenient and efficient for you.

They’re your patients, and when you need to refer them for diagnostic imaging, the decision on where to send them reflects on you. Not only is it important for the testing to be handled professionally by registered technologists and the reading of films to be carefully screened and reviewed by Board-certified radiologists, but patients need to feel safe, comfortable and cared for. And above all, you want fast turn-around times on results and access to discuss any concerns directly with the radiologist.

How we make it comfortable and convenient for your patients:

  • Freestanding facility with cutting-edge equipment, convenient to homes and businesses —accessible from Highway 68 in High Point or Wendover Avenue. See a map, here.
  • Thoughtful and privacy-focused layout and look of our space includes relaxed sitting areas, WiFi, coffee bar, child area, women’s-only area
  • Could be less expensive for patients due to our billing procedures and patients’ insurance
  • Plentiful parking (no parking deck mazes!) and easy walk-up building access
  • Walk-ins accommodated
  • Easy check in with no need to check out after testing
  • Expanded office hours. Call to schedule an appointment today.
  • Flexible payment options

How we make the referral process easier on you:

Fax scheduling.
Scheduling made easy¬≠ — just call (336-801-5800) or fax us (336-801-5855), to request an appointment, and then we handle the rest. We’ll contact your patient to arrange an exam.  Depending on the test or the urgency of the need, he or she may be able to walk in that very day. It couldn’t be easier for you and your patient, because to us, that’s the way it should be.

Fast results with online access.
Because waiting for results is the hardest part of any diagnostic test for you and your patient, we make sure you have access to exams in as little as 24 hours - and sometimes that very same day, depending on a number of different factors.

Faxed results will be delivered automatically within 30 minutes of dictated note by the Radiologists. 

Online image access.
Our online image access system expedites patient care by allowing referring physicians to electronically access patient images more quickly and easily than ever, 24/7. The system also allows you to compare past images wherever you and your computer might be - home, office or away. You can also more easily show patients the exact nature of their disease or injury on an electronic image.

PI-Connect — your direct line to our radiologists.
When you want to talk to the radiologist on the case, you don’t want to deal with receptionists, phone mazes or answering services. So we instituted our proprietary PI-Connect. It’s your direct line to our radiologists. Stat. Call 336-801-5850.

CCing of reports.
If you want us to copy other physicians or staff members you work with, just let us know and we’ll make sure it happens.

Direct referrals.
In many cases, we can work your patients in on a walk-in basis from your direct referral. We understand that flexibility is key because sometimes, either a patient is anxious about knowing more, or the testing is needed more urgently than usual.

Board-certified radiologists and registered technologists.
We have partnered with Greensboro Radiology, a highly-skilled, leading radiology group.

A majority of these physicians have specialty training, specifically in the areas of interventional radiology, women's imaging, body/MSK magnetic resonance imaging, and neurological magnetic resonance imaging. Additionally, they also participate in the nationally recognized RADPEER Program through the American College of Radiology for quality assurance.

If you are a referring physician and you would like to speak with a radiologist, please call 336-801-5850


Services performed:
Digital Mammogram
Computed Tomography (CT)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Bone Density Testing

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